National Hydrology Project (100% central sector scheme)

Groundwater Department, Kerala has been partnering Hydrology Project since 1995 and has successfully completed Phase-I and Phase-II activities. The phase one activity has strengthened groundwater monitoring network through new bore wells and tube wells and establishing digital water level recorders for frequent water level monitoring. The institutional strengthening was the major focus of phase one activity. The phase two activity focused on the creation of data base and establishment of Hydrological Information System. The launching of Hydrology project has been instrumental in creating a strong hydrological data base for various activities in planning and management of water resources to meet the challenges of ever increasing demand for various sectors such as domestic, agriculture and industrial activities. The National Hydrology Project- Phase III, launched in 23. 06. 2016 is committed in purpose driven studies and establishment of groundwater budgeting system which is the main objective of the project. The ongoing phase III of the project will continue till 2024.


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