The following are the objectives of different schemes proposed to implement by Department

Investigation and Development of Groundwater Resources

Groundwater investigation by hydrogeological, remote sensing and geophysical studies. Construction of water extraction structures such as bore well, tube well and […]

Control and Regulation of Groundwater Exploitation

The objective of the scheme is to control and regulate groundwater development through the implementation of Kerala Groundwater (control & […]

Training Of Personnel

Provides training to the Scientific, Technical and Administrative personnel of the Department in the relevant fields to upgrade/improve knowledge, skill […]

Groundwater Based Drinking Water Scheme

To provide drinking water supply to non-covered/partially covered habitats throughout the State. About 25 to 100 families will be benefited […]

Groundwater Conservation and Recharge

This scheme aims to ensure sustainable groundwater availability. To enhance groundwater level by constructing recharge pit/dug well /bore well recharge […]