• The objective of the scheme is to control and regulate groundwater development through the implementation of Kerala Groundwater (control & regulation) Act-2002 to prevent adverse environmental impacts of ground water over exploitation and to ensure equitable distribution of resources to all sections of the society.
  • Conducting mass awareness programmes on groundwater conservation; management and water quality issues to aware public, school children, officials of other department and representatives of Local Self Government,
  • Issuance of permits, granting NOCs to drinking water bottling plants and other industries which use groundwater as raw material are also included.
  • Addressing complaints of over-exploitation of groundwater, addressing different disputes of groundwater
  • Registration of drilling rigs and firms/agencies engaged in construction of Groundwater abstraction structures are also included under this scheme.


Physical Achievement for the          FY 2019-20

        Physical Achievement as on                                  November 2020
Permits issued 618 323
Conversion permit 190 69
No. of Mass Awareness Programmes conducted 21
Rig Registration(Renewal) 19