• Groundwater investigation by hydrogeological, remote sensing and geophysical studies.
  • Construction of water extraction structures such as bore well, tube well and filter point well.
  • Preparation of hydrogeological reports, groundwater data collection, data analysis and water quality studies.
  • Groundwater resource estimation.
  • Procurement of machineries and accessories and materials for well construction, maintenance of machineries and vehicles, procurement of new vehicles, procurement of IT hardware and software, geophysical equipments and other field related instruments, chemicals for labs



Physical Achievement for the FY 2019-20

Physical Achievement  as on January 2021

Groundwater Investigation Dug wells 1786 1138
Drilled Wells (BW, TW,FP) 10584 5494
Drilling 1336 827
Well logging 34 20
Pumping test Analysis 477 1065
Bore well developing 380 411
Water Sample Analysis 4175 1939